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Rising Tides is an open-world, RPG based in the age of nautical dominance and exploration. You assume the role of a seasoned sailor and explorer as you attempt to unlock the mystery behind your Uncle’s disappearance and the involvement of a undead race know as the Dead Fleet. In Rising Tides you'll hunt treasure, battle creatures, complete quests, unlock wealth and unique weapons and upgrades. Dynamic weather events and environmental changes can change at a moments notice.


The Age of Nautical Dominance

Rising Tides takes place in the mid 1700s when sailing ships ruled the seas and coastal islands were teaming with opportunity. With the unannounced and mysterious arrival of a cursed race known as the Dead Fleet, it's spun up rumors of creatures, cursed apparitions, and other long forgotten beasts. Rising Tides is full of exploration, mystery, and combat.


Key Features

Visuals: Rising Tides is powered by Unreal Engine 4; one of the most capable and industry-leading game engines.

Combat: Sword fighting is the primary , however, for those times where a massive concentration of damage is needed, you can opt to use black powder weapons to gain an advantage over your enemies. Grenade-like weapons are also all available at your disposal.

The World of Rising Tides

The world of Rising Tides is full of exploration, mystery, and danger.  Explore a vast world of tropical riches as you unlock the mystery behind your uncle's disappearance, the involvement of the Dead Fleet, and the dark diabolism surrounding the Dead Fleets arrival. Discover and unlock gear and weapons as you push back the Dead Fleet, collect ancient relics, and travel to the dark and formidable world inhabited by the Dead Fleet.


Release Date: Unannounced
Platforms: Unannounced